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UNO de 50 -  designed for Women and Men, broke away from everything that existed until then. The spanish brand, with an ever-present handcrafted spirit, round shapes and using mainly leather and silver, reflects exclusivity through design and quality. The designer began with the philosophy of creating 50 units of each design, hence its name. Today the company expanded but still produces limited editions of 50 pieces each collection.

Fifi la ferraille’s,  creations are made from objects unusual in jewelry such as violin screws, wing nuts, swivels, springs, clock mechanisms, fishing spoons, steel tips etc...!!!!!!!!!There are ony great final last parts, for resolution of the brand.

PITI is a french designer. He creates accessories and jewellery in a colorful style. The brand seduces you with its originality. The variety of the materials used makes each piece of jewellery unique.

 The collection of Exoal a dutch brand are arranging fashion jewellery, based on gemstones in various design combiations.

 Milena Zu – a very special italian jewellery designer. Traveling through Asia, she was fascinated and inspired by local craftsmen who were crocheting long chains with traditional ornaments in old long forgotten ancient  techniques. Coupled with this ancient weaving technique and her own signature she created her new own collection, entirely hand chrocheted with fine silver,copper steel and brass threads. Then stitch-by-stitch with precious stones, gems, glass beads crystal (Swarovsky) and pearls .The metals are oxidized and partly gold plated to give them a unique look that can reach all kind of women ..... She believes that this jewellery can encourage women of any age to express themselves by integrating their true feminine powers and talents.