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Valuable expensive glasses of the same compatibility are joined through heat. 
This process requires detailed preparation Starting at the realization of a project, the design, determination of colors.

The combination and the interaction of colors are therefore of great importance for realizing great objects. 
The pieces have to be cut and fixed on a special surface before they are heated in a computerized fusing kiln. The temperatures reach 700-850 degrees Celsius in order to melt the pieces together. 

It is vital for the heating and cooling of the glass to follow a precise calculation in order to avoid stress through thermal shock which would lead to breakage of the artwork.. 
Each and everyone of my glass objects are produced in my workshop with carefully chosen, compatible glasses of first quality.

They serve as decoration as well as practical daily usage.

Glass attracts and absorbs light and rays it of again. 

Custom orders are welcome. I will translate your own ideas into objects of glass, for the indoors as well outdoors area of the house. 

- „Made in Luxemburg „– Label since 2003
"Discover the magic and let yourself captivate by passion for glass.